“You are loved and you are wanted”: Carrie Underwood tearfully reveals her message to her sons and the world

ABC/Image Group LACarrie Underwood and Mike Fisher have previously talked about their marriage and the miscarriages between the arrival of their two sons on the inspirational mini-documentary, Mike and Carrie: God & Country. This week, they open up about the role faith plays in parenting their two sons, five-year-old Isaiah and one-year-old Jacob

“Just to look at both of our boys… [I] just fall more and more in love every day,” Carrie says.

“Morning cuddles” are a tradition in the Fisher household, as well as family prayer.

“Isaiah will remind us,” Carrie reveals. “‘Where’s Mom? Where’s Mom? I’ve got to have Mom!’, so we can all be there together to pray.”

Carrie believes their “open dialogue about God” makes it easy for Isaiah to embrace the idea of faith.

“He just says things,” she explains, giving an example. “‘Did you know I have to love God even more than you, Mommy? I love God so much…’ And you’re like, ‘What do you sit around thinking about all day?’”

For the 37-year-old, there’s no doubt about her number one goal as a mother.

“I want our children… this goes for everybody everywhere, too — [to know] you are loved and you are wanted…” she asserts. “God wouldn’t have made any of us if he didn’t want us.”

Carrie’s vision also extends to the massive platform she has as an entertainer.

“I feel like that’s part of my purpose in the world,” she says tearfully. “No matter who you are, what you’ve done… if I can just make everybody feel that they are loved, I feel like that’s my job.”

You can watch all of the installments of Mike and Carrie: God & Country at IAmSecond.com, with the final episode set to premiere next Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET. 

By Stephen Hubbard
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