Written with his songwriter dad, Thomas Rhett’s “Things Dads Do” is a full-circle Father’s Day reflection

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Thomas Rhett and his songwriter dad, Rhett Akins, have written lots of hits over the years. But none is more special than “Things Dads Do,” a tender and autobiographical reflection on a son’s journey to becoming a dad himself.

“This is probably my favorite song I’ve gotten to write with my dad,” the country star explains. “I’ve learned so many life lessons from him, and it’s pretty wild to see so much of him in myself now that I’m a dad. It felt like we should go ahead to release it for all of y’all who have been asking since we wrote it, and to celebrate all the dads out there!”

“Things Dads Do” arrives ahead of this year’s Father’s Day. In its lyrics, Thomas remembers all the dad-like things Rhett did when he was a child, and realizes that he’s started to do the same things himself.

It’ll be a particularly special Father’s day for Thomas, as he’s dad to three young girls, with a fourth on the way. He and his wife, Lauren, announced earlier this year that their fourth daughter is due in November.

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