With a baby on the way and a new #1, Maren Morris reveals “The Bones” of her romance with Ryan Hurd

ABC/Image Group LAWhen Maren Morris wrote “the house don’t fall when the bones are good,” she was talking about the strength of her relationship with husband Ryan Hurd. Now that it’s become her third solo number one, it’s particularly sweet, since the couple’s expecting their first child — a boy — next month. 

“That’s a really new layer that I haven’t quite exposed to people yet…” she says of “The Bones.” “And I’ve never had the reality to give me that idea. I’ve never had this foundational, strong relationship to inspire a song like [this].”

For Maren and Ryan, the basis of their union is friendship.

“For years, I think we were a port in the storm for each other’s ups and downs, and co-writes, and what have you,” Maren reflects. “And we just developed this friendship. So we’ve always been able to laugh through stuff and talk about anything. No judgment.”

Pursuing similar careers also helped.

“Our previous relationships never really understood the passion of what music was to us,” Maren reveals. “It was always like a hobby to them.”

Now, even when Maren and Ryan “don’t see each other enough” because of their schedules, they’re so close they’re “still constantly on the phone.” But Maren admits building the “Bones” of their relationship took some work.

“We just kind of can’t believe sometimes that this all worked out, because it was just such a mess in the beginning,” she reveals. “We were just complete, separate messes and then somehow found each other.”

“If I hadn’t gone through all of that with him, I wouldn’t have been able to write it,” she concludes. “Yeah, like love is strong, but you have to live that kind of valley with someone to be able to say that in an eternal way as a song.”

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