Source: YouTube

93-year-old widow Dr. Ruth Gottesman received an unexpected inheritance when her husband passed, and now she’s paying it forward. Gottesman’s husband left her $1 billion in Berkshire Hathaway stock. Gottesman has finally decided what she’s going to do with this gift: She’s funding the tuition of every student attending Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx. She got to make the announcement to current students and the reaction was what you would expect!!

The donation is so large that it will cover students’ educations in perpetuity…THAT MEANS FOREVER. A year’s tuition typically costs $59,000, and many graduates end up with $200,000 dollars in debt. All current fourth-year students are set to be reimbursed for their spring 2024 tuition, the school said, and beginning in August, all current and future students will attend for free.

This is apparently the largest gift to any medical school in the country.