Walker Hayes can’t walk into Applebee’s anymore without fans coming up to him — but that’s a good thing


The full-length version of Walker HayesCountry Stuff arrives today, and the singer’s career is in a very different place now than it was when he first put out the project as an EP.

That’s because he skyrocketed into superstardom with the viral success of “Fancy Like,” one of the songs on the EP-turned-album. It all started with a TikTok post and a dance that the singer came up with with his teenage daughter Lela, which turned into his first-ever chart-topping hit at country radio.

Now, even Lela’s got fans, Walker reveals.

“I’ve honestly been hit up by so many artists saying, ‘Can your daughter choreograph a dance?’ So I’m trying to help her navigate that,” he explains. “You know, [teaching her how to] do business with people and work hard and use our gift to share that. And she has a lot to learn, but yeah, she’s on her way.”

“Fancy Like” changed everything for Walker, too: His hit song has earned him high-profile performance slots, awards show nominations and — he’s hinted — some big tour plans for 2022.

As he sings in the chorus, Walker still likes to take his wife Laney to “Applebee’s on a date night,” but their experience at the restaurant chain is quite a bit different nowadays.

“When we walk into Applebee’s it turns into a meet-and-greet,” he admits. “But man, people are sweet, and we appreciate it. I mean, honest to God, we’re just so glad that happens, you know? Because that means [the song] has worked.” 

Country Stuff also includes Walker’s current single, “AA.”

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