Tim McGraw + Faith Hill lean on each other through hard times: “That’s just another layer of partnership”

John Shearer/WireImage

Over their 25 years of marriage, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have had their share of ups and downs, but ultimately, they’ve always found strength in leaning on each other.

Tim’s long been open about his struggles with alcohol, for example, and he says Faith’s support was key to his recovery.

“Those demons always come back,” he reflects to People, 13 years after getting sober. “But you always have a partner that’s willing to fight them with you. We made a commitment to each other a long time ago that we’re not going to give up.”

“When you love someone, you commit to be there for them for the highs, the lows, anytime. You face the struggles,” Faith agrees.

The two country stars have also seen each other through family challenges, such as through the deaths of their parents. Tim’s dad, major league baseball pitcher Tug McGraw, died in 2004, and Faith lost her father more recently, in 2019. Her mom had died just three years earlier. It was a painful time in her life, the singer remembers.

“It’s difficult to lose parents just a couple of years apart and watch them pass right in front of you,” she says, but adds that Tim’s support helped her through that time.

“He was so present for the passing of both my parents,” she recalls. “You reveal yourself when you are going through struggles and that’s just another layer of partnership.”

These days, Tim and Faith are embarking on a new venture together: They’re co-starring in Yellowstone prequel 1883, which premieres December 19 on Paramount +.

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