Thomas Rhett passes on love of music to daughter Willa Gray

Thomas Rhett, center, with daughters Lennon Love, left, and Willa Gray; Disney

At least one of Thomas Rhett‘s daughters seems interested in following in her father’s footsteps. Thomas and Lauren Akins‘ oldest daughter, five-year-old Willa Gray, is already joining her father in the studio, and seems to have a natural knack for all things musical.

“Every time I go to my studio, she just watches me walk downstairs,” Thomas tells Entertainment Tonight. “She was like, ‘Are you going to your studio? ‘I’m like, ‘Yeah, you wanna come?’ She’s like, ‘Yeah,’ and we’ll just go down there and make beats together. I’ll play the guitar, and I’ll just hand her the microphone and she’ll just freestyle. It’s unbelievable.”

Thomas and Lauren are also parents to daughters Ada James and Lennon Love. Their fourth child, also a girl, is due to arrive in November.

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