Thomas Rhett hilariously enlists the help of a new PR expert, Rodney, to help promote his new album


Any press is good press, right? Maybe not, Thomas Rhett discovers, in a hilarious skit he posted to social media this week.

Thomas is gearing up for the release of his Where We Started album, so of course, he needs publicity. In this goofy clip, the singer “hires” a new PR expert named Rodney, who coaches TR through some unorthodox approaches to selling his record.

For example, Rodney — who bears a resemblance to Dwight from The Office, with a personality to match — encourages Thomas to get on the phone and cold-call potential album buyers. First up on the phone is Brent, who apparently previously bought pool chlorine from Rodney, and who has no clue who Thomas Rhett is.

“Hey buddy,” Rodney says, hopping on the phone when he sees that TR isn’t impressing this potential customer. “He’s gonna make you a custom monogrammed duck call, Brent.”

“Brent, I can’t promise you that,” the singer adds drily.

TR might not make you a custom duck call, but you can pre-order his new album, Where We Started, now. Its lead single, “Slow Down Summer,” is out now, and the full project will drop in April.

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