The ‘Tiger King’ and I: Country stars like Kane Brown and Michael Ray are glued to Netflix, too

NetflixIf there’s one thing most of us have in common these days — other than the fact that most of us are practicing social distancing — it’s Tiger King

Specifically, everyone seems to be watching the Netflix documentary, which stars the man known as Joe Exotic, and focuses on the often bizarre, always colorful and definitely controversial world of privately-run zoos.

And because stars are just like us, your favorite country singers are watching it too, including Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn.  

“Of course, man! I love Joe,” Kane tells ABC Audio. “Joe’s that guy. Me and my wife started it, and the characters, man, are frickin’ hilarious. It’s ridiculous, some of the stuff they say and do.”

“His music videos are actually pretty on point,” Kane adds, referencing the fact that Joe Exotic is also a wanna-be country singer.

Carly Pearce and Michael Ray have been taking in Tiger King, too. 

“I watched every episode, beginning to end,” Michael admits. “It was like, every 15 minutes you went, ‘No way! There’s no way!’”

“And then when the lady…” Michael starts, before realizing he might be giving away too much. “I don’t want to ruin it for anybody. But just the whole thing. Like, you just can’t stop.”

The native of the Sunshine State does have at least one Tiger King regret.

“[Of course] one of ’em has to be from Florida,” Michael laughs. “You know, every time there’s something weird like that, Florida’s — my home state’s in the [middle] of it, so. But it’s addicting. Like, you can’t stop watching it. What a character!”  

If you can’t get enough of Tiger King, check out the new “where are they now?” episode, The Tiger King and I, hosted by Joel McHale.

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