The simple life: “We Didn't Have Much” gets a thumbs-up from Justin Moore's mom and dad

Cody VillalobosJustin Moore‘s taking listeners on a sentimental journey back to a simpler time with his heartfelt single, “We Didn’t Have Much.” And the country star who still lives in his hometown of Poyen, Arkansas says it’s a big hit with mom and dad.

“They really like it,” he tells ABC Audio. “And they’ll be honest now. They’ll tell me if they don’t, so I assume they really do.”

“But, you know, the song really kinda reminded me of my youth and how simple we lived,” he continues. “And, you know, throughout this thing, especially early on, we were forced as a family to lead a much more simple life, you know, and I really thought the song kind of spoke to the beauty in that simplicity.”

As the father of four navigates the COVID-19 pandemic with his wife Kate, his three daughters, and his son, “We Didn’t Have Much” evokes memories of his own childhood.

“It reminds me of my dad and me going to baseball practice for hours,” he reflects, “or being out in the yard and me begging him to play catch with me till it gets dark, or shooting basketball and he’s rebounding for me, those kinds of things.”  

These days, Justin’s carrying on those traditions, coaching his daughters’ basketball and softball teams. 

“We Didn’t Have Much” is the first taste of new music, following Justin’s Late Nights and Longnecks album from 2019.

By Stephen Hubbard
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