'The Rest of Us': Shy Carter pours his heart into his celebratory debut EP

Warner Music Nashville

Longtime behind-the-scenes hitmaker Shy Carter has recently been stepping out into the spotlight as an artist with songs like the R&B-flavored “Good Love” and “Beer with My Friends,” a country banger collab with Cole Swindell and David Lee Murphy.

Now, Shy’s following those releases with a bigger project. This week, he announced his debut EP, The Rest of Us, arriving later this month.

The eight-song collection includes “Good Love” and “Beer With My Friends,” plus six as-yet-unheard new tracks, all of which Shy co-wrote. Each of the tracks has a personal connection to his life, the singer explains.

“The title track in particular is really important to me. It’s about how some people seem to have their lives in order and everything seems to be going well for them, and then there’s the rest of us,” Shy explains. “There’s the people who struggle, who have pain, who have messed up and have made it this far only by the awesome grace of God. I am one of the rest of us, and I’m so grateful for everything I’ve been through — because now it can all be used to make this amazing music.”

The Rest of Us arrives October 29.

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