Speechless” no more: Dan + Shay reemerge to speak out about George Floyd’s death

ABC/Image Group LAJustin Bieber‘s been posting multiple messages denouncing racism since the death of George Floyd, whose death following his arrest by the Minneapolis police has sparked protests worldwide.  Now, his “10,000 Hours” duet partners, Dan + Shay, have added their voices to the chorus.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the duo explains that they’ve been silent on social media because they’ve been busy finishing up “what we think is our best work yet.” But, they add, “This past week’s event in Minneapolis changed that.”

“When the news story began do break, so did our hearts. In fact, they shattered. For the family of George Floyd and for the black community as a whole,” they write.  “This is not the first time this has happened, but by God, please let it be the last.”

They continue, “We, as humans, MUST come together to make a change. Racism and discrimination because of someone’s skin color is simply just WRONG.  Politics and all other bulls*** aside, we all have a giant responsibility to eliminate this issue, which has plagued our country for far too long.”

The “Speechless” duo’s message concludes, “…this starts at home. We must educate our children, and instill values of love and equality. We are all born innocent, and racism is something that is learned. Let’s work together, NOW, to make a change.  Please use your voice.”

Dan + Shay also add that their “hearts go out to those affected directly and indirectly by COVID-19.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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