‘Southern Gravity’: Kristian Bush looks back at his solo debut with special reissue, seven new songs

Streamsound RecordsBy the time he released his solo debut, Southern Gravity, in 2015, Kristian Bush had already become a mainstay of the country music industry, thanks to his role in folk duo Billy Pilgrim and superstar country outfit Sugarland.

Now, five years later, Kristian is looking back on the project that established him as a solo artist. He’s releasing a special reissued version of Southern Gravity that includes seven brand-new songs spotlighting his unique vocal style and prowess as a frontman. 

“This album was a great leap forward for me in many ways,” the artist reflects.

“Audiences and listeners who might not have been exposed to my work in Billy Pilgrim were not familiar with my voice until this album. To make the album, I first had to discover what I wanted to say if I was going to open my mouth and sing,” Kristian goes on to say. “So I wrote over 300 songs to find the answer.”

With the new additions, Kristian’s new version of Southern Gravity clocks in at 19 tracks, including the poignant final song, “American Dreamers.” The project is available for fans to hear in full now.

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