Sing “Like Crazy”: How Luke Combs and Carly Pearce pushed Lee Brice

Curb/Big MachineWhen Carly Pearce called Lee Brice to sing on “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” the “Rumor” hitmaker was on the road for an extended run. It wasn’t a problem, though, since Lee travels with a mobile recording studio.

But the man who wrote “More Than a Memory” for Garth Brooks isn’t too proud to admit it pushed him vocally to sing the breakup ballad, crafted by Carly and Luke Combs

“I had to stretch,” Lee tells ABC Audio. “I mean… they wrote this song to the wall!”

“And I’m like, ‘Luke, what are you writing this melody like this for? Come on, dude, it’s like three octaves!’” Lee continues. “But I got in there to sing it, and I love that stuff, though!”

In fact, Lee says “I Hope You’re Happy Now” reminds him of his breakthrough hit from 2010.

“It’s like when ‘Love Like Crazy’ came along,” he reminisces. “I fell in love with that song for that first, because it had that big moment, you know, where I could do my Edwin McCain thing.”

“You know, he was my hero growing up,” Lee adds. “So to have a big moment in a song is cool for me. I love to do that. I love to sing.”

Lee got to sing with rocker McCain on his most recent, self-titled album from 2017. And he plans to keep testing his limits on his forthcoming new record. 

“You will hear a little more of that,” Lee reveals, “because we’re gonna push it a little bit and have some fun.” 

You can hear the first taste of Lee’s record with “One of Them Girls,” his new solo single that’s just cracked the top forty, as his hit duet with Carly nears the top five.

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