She “Never Wanted to Be That Girl”: Carly Pearce says “Don't steal from my hometown”

Alexa Campbell

In the early eighties, Ricky Skaggs topped the chart with “Don’t Cheat in Our Hometown.” Now, another Kentucky native’s changed that to “don’t steal from my hometown.”

You see, on September 2, Carly Pearce traveled home to be honored with a sign that read “Welcome to Taylor Mill: Hometown of Country Music Star Carly Pearce.” Within the next week, however, it disappeared. 

And obviously, the “I Hope You’re Happy Now” hitmaker — is decidedly NOT. 

“You know, it honestly pisses me off if I’m completely honest with everyone,” Carly asserts. “If this is a super fan — and I hope that they hear this — but if this is a super fan, just [direct message] me that you want freakin’ tickets to a show.”

“My town spent so much time and money to honor me in this way,” she goes on. “And people are now not really affecting me. They’re affecting my town and I’m pissed.”

“And if I ever figure out who did this, I will put them on blast because it is wrong,” she adds.

While Carly is clearly angry, she seems willing to negotiate some sort of peace with the culprit.

“I will give you tickets,” she offers. “I will give you a large photo of me for your bedroom, if that’s what you need. But don’t steal from my damn hometown.”

“I’m getting mad,” Carly laughs, realizing how outspoken she’s been. 

On Friday, the expanded version of Carly’s CMA-nominated 29 arrives, adding the secondary title Written in Stone. It features her new duet with Ashley McBryde“Never Wanted to Be That Girl.”

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