Scotty McCreery calls himself the “world's best wedding dancer”

Jeff Ray

Scotty McCreery can sing and write songs, and apparently moonwalk as well. In a new video posted on social media, the American Idol alum reveals he can easily channel Michael Jackson, especially at a wedding.

“I am the world’s best wedding dancer,” Scotty boasts. “Yes, when they play ‘Billie Jean,’ my moonwalk comes out, and it’s amazing. It’s just a bring the house down type of moonwalk.”

Perhaps Scotty will show off his dance moves in the video for one of the songs on his upcoming Same Truck album. He just dropped a new track, “Carolina to Me,” which celebrates his love of his home state of North Carolina.

“To me, North Carolina is just a little piece of Heaven on Earth, and I hope when I get to Heaven, there’s a little bit of North Carolina in it,” Scotty says.


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