Scotty McCreery calls for unity in “Same Truck,” his next album’s just-released title track

Jeff Ray/Triple Tigers

Scotty McCreery is hoping to bring fans together with his brand-new “Same Truck,” a song that points out that we’ve all got more in common than we might realize. 

“But we’re all in the same truck / Heading down a different two lane / Kickin’ up the same dust / Praying for the same rain,” Scotty sings in the song’s soaring chorus. “Closing down the same bars / Different wishes on the same stars…”

The song is the title track of his upcoming album, which is due to arrive on September 17. Also on the project’s track list is “Why You Gotta Be Like That” and his current top-ten hit, “You Time.” 

The truth behind “Same Truck” is one that’s become clearer to Scotty the more he tours and travels, he says. 

“We’re all more alike than we are different. I’ve witnessed that on almost a daily basis as I talk with people and watch them while traveling around the world to perform,” he reflects. “This is my way of saying that we’re all on the same team here; let’s all work toward getting along again. Let’s build each other up.”

While Scotty’s fans may all be driving the “Same Truck,” they’ve got the chance to pre-order a different — and exclusive — version of the new album starting this week. The limited-edition version of Same Truck features alternate cover art.

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