Sam Hunt is hoping to get his new album finished “sooner than later”

Steven Worster

Good news for Sam Hunt fans: the singer is actively working on his next studio album.

Since the release of his sophomore album, Southside, in April 2020, Sam has been working on the follow up project. He notes that the forced downtime in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic allowed him to focus on songwriting, and now he’s ready to head into the studio.   

“The good thing is, I’ve had more time around the house this past year and a half, so I got a good jumpstart on this next record,” he reports. “Most importantly, most of the songs are finished as far as being written, now I just got to record them. That’s not necessarily the easy part, but it’s the part that I don’t overthink. It’s just a matter of getting in the studio and singing it and doing it.” 

Sam admits that he’s hesitant to offer a time frame for its release, seeing as it’s been difficult to lock in time with his frequent collaborators he worked with on earlier projects, as many of their careers have taken off as well. 

“I’m reluctant to talk too much about dates because I’ve learned over the years that best laid plans can be harder to put together nowadays because a lot of the folks that I work with, who I came up with when none of us had anything to do but work on my first project, they’re now producing other records or writing all the time or traveling,” Sam explains. “So it’s interesting getting the band back together to get the records finished, but I just have to make sure to get on the books in advance.” 

But fans may not have to wait too long for new music, as Sam is in the final stage of the album-making process, offering fans a taste with his current single, “23,” which is climbing toward the top 20 on the country charts. 

“I decided to go ahead and go with a new song off the next project, even though technically I haven’t wrapped it up yet,” he remarks. “I’m in the fourth quarter, so hopefully I can get it done sooner than later.”

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