Ryan Hurd on his newborn son with Maren Morris: “Maybe he’ll be a math major, who knows?”

ABC/Image Group LA2020’s already been pretty good to Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd. Maren celebrated a two-week number one with her second single from Girl, while Ryan wrote Lady Antebellum‘s latest chart-topper, and experienced his greatest success so far with one of his own singles.

Then on Monday, things amped up considerably with the arrival of their first child, a son they named Hayes Andrew.

“It’s been really cool just because we both love doing this work in this town,” Ryan tells ABC Audio. “We’re both very invested in Nashville. This is where we want to raise our family.”

“And I still get to be a songwriter,” he continues. “Having ‘What If I Never Get Over You’ go number one this year, and then having ‘The Bones’ go number one for two weeks — which I know was something that was really important to Maren — and then having ‘To a T’ do what we all hoped it would do, it’s just really sweet.”

“You know, all of it combined doesn’t even come close to the fact that we’re starting a family here,” Ryan reflects.

After some family time together, Maren and Ryan are looking forward to hitting the road with Hayes. 

“We’re just really blessed to be able to raise our kid in Nashville, to be able to like raise him around country music,” he says. 

“He’s gonna know who Jason Isbell is because he’s gonna say, ‘That’s Jason Isbell!’” Ryan marvels. “You know, that’s crazy to me. That’s something that I would have loved as a kid.”

“And he might not like music that much,” he adds, “because he’s gonna be sick of it by the time he’s twelve-years-old, I’m sure. But maybe he’ll be a math major, who knows?” 

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