Ryan Hurd calls wife Maren Morris a “really great mom”

Nicki Fletcher

Ryan Hurd has nothing but praise for wife Maren Morris in her role as mother to their son Hayes

The husband and wife pair welcomed Hayes in March 2020, and Ryan says it’s been a joy to watch his wife blossom into motherhood. He jokingly admits that he knew she was excelling as a parent when he got home one day to find that Maren had taught their infant son an advanced skill in his absence. 

“Maren’s a really great mom and it’s cool to watch her learn how to do that,” Ryan tells Entertainment Tonight. “I didn’t realize how good of a mom she was until I got back and he had learned flash cards. I was like ‘I don’t do that, should I be doing flashcards? I didn’t know we had flash cards.’”

The couple met as songwriters in 2013 during a writing session that resulted in Tim McGraw‘s “Last Turn Home,” marking Maren’s first cut as a songwriter. It is one of many major successes the couple has experienced together, including their duet, “Chasing After You,” that’s racing up the charts, currently inside the top 10 on country radio.

“It was cool to have that moment with her. You see the rocket ship take off and you’re like ‘but I was there at the start,’ and that’s cool,” Ryan reflects, adding that he and Maren’s dream was to move to Nashville and be songwriters. “We both get to do it and we both to get to be passionate about our side of it and also passionate about the other person at the same time. It’s really cool to be in a relationship with somebody who feels the same thing.”

Ryan’s debut album, Pelago, is out now.

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