Runaway June’s Jennifer Wayne shares experience with COVID-19: “I am a lucky girl”

ABC/Image Group LAJennifer Wayne of the country trio Runaway June has revealed that she was diagnosed with COVID-19, but was able to recover.  

In a lengthy Instagram post, Jennifer reveals that she believes she contracted the virus during a trip to the grocery story, since that’s the only place she’s been outside of her home. 

She also shares some tips that worked for her while she was battling the illness, such as loading up on Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, B complex, zinc and chaga mushrooms, which contain antioxidants and help build the immune system. 

She also drank more water and Gatorade than ever before in an effort to “flush that thing out of my system,” she writes. 

Jennifer admits having the coronavirus “rocked” her, and was conflicted about sharing her story, but then decided she might be able to help others.

“Those vitamins and staying hydrated and rest were a lifesaver for me. I’ve read lots of articles about what to do as far as self isolation etc… but not so many on what to do to combat it because there is so much unknown,” she explains. “But that seemed to really help me and I really felt I needed to share.” 

Jennifer says that she plans to donate her blood and plasma to help other people fight off the illness, which may be able to be used to treat others with the illness. 

In her post, Jennifer is holding up a sign saying that she’s grateful her parents didn’t contract the virus, and that she had so much support. “I am a lucky girl,” she writes.

John Prine and Joe Diffie both passed away from complications due to COVID-19. Sturgill Simpsonand Kalie Shorr are among the other singers who’ve have tested positive for the virus. 

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