'Run, Rose, Run': A new Dolly Parton album is on its way

Stacie Huckeba // Courtesy of Butterfly Records

Dolly Parton returns today with the announcement of her next album, Run, Rose, Run. It’s a companion piece to her novel of the same title, which she co-wrote with author James Patterson.

The book comes out March 7, and just a few days earlier, on March 4, Dolly will release her new batch of songs. Just like the book, Dolly’s next musical chapter is about a young woman who moves to Nashville to chase dreams of country music stardom, despite a dark secret from her past that she can’t quite shake.

Today, Dolly’s previewing the album by dropping the first song off the project, called “Big Dreams and Faded Jeans.”

“So many people come to Nashville with their sack of songs,” the singer says. “Whether they’re running from anything or not, they’re running towards a future. That’s what ‘Big Dreams and Faded Jeans’ is all about. I am so pleased finally share the first song from this exciting new album with all of you!”

You can preorder Run, Rose, Run now, and see the full track listing for the 12-song collection. Plus, Dolly’s offering even more goodies through a partnership with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, releasing a second batch of her wildly popular, signature Strawberry Pretzel Pie ice cream.

Jeni’s is also offering a special, deluxe version of the Run, Rose, Run album, featuring a limited time, exclusive bonus track, “Rose of My Heart.”

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