Reba returns to 'Young Sheldon,' as she dreams of a mini-reunion of her own beloved sitcom

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Reba McEntire‘s recurring role on Young Sheldon is going strong, as she returns tonight. And while a full-fledged reboot of her own eponymous sitcom has proven elusive, the CBS show could set the stage for a small one.

“Loved working with Annie Potts on Young Sheldon,” Reba told reporters in the fall. “We’ve just gotten through doing an episode and I’m going back in another month to do it again. Rex [Linn] is on his way soon to go back to shoot an episode.”

By all accounts, the Young Sheldon set is a veritable mutual admiration society. Of course, Linn is Reba’s real-life love, and while Potts plays the girlfriend of her ex-husband, Craig T. Nelson, on Young Sheldon, the Designing Women actress couldn’t be fonder of her.

“Hey y’all! Look who’s back!” Potts shared on Instagram this week, along with a shot of the two laughing. “Tune in this Thurs to find out what’s so darn funny… We just LOVE it when @Reba is here!”

Since the Ethel to her Lucy from the Reba sitcom is also on Young Sheldon in an almost-unrelated storyline, the country music superstar dreams of sitcom worlds colliding.

Melissa Peterman‘s on it,” Reba explains, “so we’re all trying to find a way to get the writers to put Annie Potts, Craig T. Nelson, Melissa Peterman, Rex Linn and myself in one episode.”

“Wouldn’t that be fun?” she beams. “I love Young Sheldon!”

You can check out the episode titled “An Expensive Glitch and a Goof-Off Room” tonight at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Meanwhile, Reba reveals her potential NBC series, an extension of 1991’s Fried Green Tomatoes with the legendary Norman Lear, likely won’t happen.

Fried Green Tomatoes,” unfortunately, kinda has gone away for right now,” she says.

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