“Probably terrible” or totally “dope?” Ingrid Andress recalls her first reaction to “More Hearts Than Mine”

Warner Music NashvilleAs a songwriter, Ingrid Andress has worked with the likes of Sam HuntAlicia Keys, and Bebe Rexha, so she’s generally pretty good at judging whether or not one of her compositions is worthwhile — but that wasn’t the case with her breakthrough hit, “More Hearts Than Mine.” 

“Honestly, the bar is set very high for me in my mind,” Ingrid explains. “So if I’m not impressed with it, then I’m sure nobody else is gonna like it.”

“So to me, after I wrote that song… I had to step away from it for a week,” she tells ABC Audio. “Because after I wrote it, I was like, ‘This is probably terrible because I haven’t heard a song that talks about this. And maybe it’s weird to combine family and love in the same thing, you know.’”

“And I was like, ‘This is probably terrible,’” she continues. “And then I listened to it a week later and I was like, ‘Oh, no, this is dope.’”

No doubt Ingrid was envisioning her own close-knit Colorado clan when she wrote the song, which is about a girl whose family falls for her boyfriend just as hard as she does.

Ingrid notes that the hit was actually a fairly late addition to her debut, Lady Like

“A lot of the songs were actually written before ‘More Hearts Than Mine,’” Ingrid says. “And then there were a couple that came afterwards.”

“But a lot of these songs, some of them I wrote like three years ago,” she clarifies. “And I’ve just been waiting to put them out and produce them in a way that I would like.”  

Ingrid’s gold-certified “More Hearts Than Mine” is currently at number four, as it continues its climb up the country chart. 

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