Molly Lee of Raleigh, North Carolina was on a Delta flight from Charlotte to New York when she noticed an amazing moment happening she felt she needed to capture in a picture.  That picture was of Delta crew member, Floyd Dean-Shannon, sitting in the aisle holding a scared passenger’s hand and easing her fears. Lee said she was telling other passengers how nervous she was to fly, “He took notice of that and said, ‘I’ve got you,’ and just was very reassuring, just told her not to worry, it was going to be totally safe and she was tearing up.”  He sat with her for about 10 minutes. “With every little noise, she’d be like, ‘What’s that?’ He’s like, ‘That’s OK. That’s just the jet bridge pulling away’ or whatever the case may be. And that really helped her.”

Lee thought it was such a kind gesture and wanted to make sure Floyd got the kudos he deserved!