On the verge of “Famous,” COVID-19 turns Adam Doleac & his band into another bunch of out-of-work musicians

Arista Nashville/Jessica SteddomAdam Doleac‘s poised to make a major impact with his debut single, “Famous.” But just like every other artist on the planet right now, he’s basically unemployed, with shows cancelled due to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The Mississippi native admits he’s mostly concerned about his band, who like most touring musicians, only get payed when they play. 

“They’re living off of that money from week to week,” Adam explains. “They were gonna make X amount of dollars…in the next few weeks… And now they’re making nothing… So it does, it trickles way further than I think people even realize.”

But venues like the Rusty Rudder in Dewey Beach, Delaware — where Adam was supposed to be next week — are stepping up to help.

“The owner there… is still paying all the bands in full, as if we had played the show, which is just really special…” Adam tells ABC Audio. “She’s the only one I’ve seen do that. But that allows me to go take that money and give it to my band.”

Even after the devastating tornado that hit Music City two weeks ago, Adam believes Nashville is still “resilient, strong” after the storm.

If there’s a silver lining, Adam says it’s an unexpected opportunity to record.

“I was home for one weekend all of last year…” he says of touring. “I’ve seen a couple of buddies — Kane Brown is one… He’s in the studio right now, just with the additional time…he’s able to work on his next record.” 

No matter what happens, Music City will keep making music.

“We can write songs over Skype…” Adam continues. “We can send stuff back and forth and work and keep our craft up… While…no one feels good about [coronavirus], I would say it’s an optimistic outlook in Nashville.” 

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