Old Dominion explores the “pure creativity” of making music outside Music City


Last night in Key West, Old Dominion got to do something they haven’t had the chance to do for whole year: play a live show at an amphitheater.

Now, as the reigning CMA and ACM Group of the Year prepares to hit the road for more dates, Old Dominion’s also teasing the arrival of new music. While we don’t know much about the follow-up to their 2019 album, we do know OD ventured outside Music City to make it.

“We do a lot of writing in town, of course, which is great,” Trevor Rosen explains. “But there’s a lot of distractions. So going out to Asheville, [North Carolina], and just being away from it all, it was just a chance to not have to hurry up and get done writing to go pick anybody up or to do this or do that.”

“It was just to be totally immersed in the music and live together,” he continues. “So it was it was kind of wake up in the morning, eat breakfast together, write a song, eat lunch, maybe walk upstairs and record that song that day.”

Trevor calls the experience “pure creativity,” and likens it to making music as a teenager, while lead singer Matthew Ramsey believes getting outside Nashville resulted in “a different type of song.”

“That Nashville thing is ingrained in us, so it’s automatically gonna be there,” Matthew reflects. “But once we’re kind of in there, in the moment, and we start really bringing these things to life as a band, it becomes a really good snapshot of who we are as a band — and not just necessarily trying to chase down the Nashville formula of a hit, you know.”

OD’s tour rolls on May 27 in Durant, Oklahoma, as the wait for new music continues.

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