Not “Homesick” any more: Kane Brown remains at #1, as COVID-19 keeps many at home

ABC/Image Group LA Ironically, Kane Brown is spending his second week atop the country chart with “Homesick,” at a time when lots of Americans find themselves AT home — sometime against their will — in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

When Kane is on tour, however, he admits he’s not quite as “Homesick” as he used to be. 

“Now I get to bring my wife and my daughter on the road with me, so it’s amazing,” he explains. “But I would probably say I get FOMO of my friends who are not with me, or just, you know, hanging out with them and doing stuff we’d do before I started touring.”

The biggest recent change in Kane’s life came in late October when he and wife Katelyn welcomed their daughter Kingsley. But it was relatively simple to prepare for Kingsley to hit the road with dad.

“We haven’t done too much,” Kane says. “We took out the couches in the back of our room and we put a crib back there. That was about the most, though, we’ve done.”

“Other than that, we just bring everything from the house onto the bus,” he adds. 

Now, with concerts on pause because of the coronavirus, Kane has time to work on his follow-up to 2018’s Experiment.

“I’ve recorded about four to five songs so far, and it’s going great,” he reveals. “I’ve just gotta get a couple more songs and we’ll have an album. I have a lot of ’em written. We just haven’t recorded ’em yet.”

In the meantime, Kane teases he’s also finished a new collaboration that’ll be a pop single. 

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