Maroon 5 will start their Las Vegas residency on Friday (March 24), and the band says they’re looking forward to being in one location and not suffering from the “wear and tear” of tour life. “It’s something that we’ve always imagined,” guitarist James Valentine tells ABC Audio. “I think it’s the right time for us because, let’s face it, we’ve been around for 20 years. We’re getting kinda old.”


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 According to Valentine, fans, and family are excited about the residency. “The fans, I’m hearing online, are very excited,” says James.  “But I’ve also just been hearing from a lot of people in my life being like, ‘Hey, you’re going to Vegas, we’re coming out!’ And that’s why I think it’s so cool to to be able to play in a destination city like that … that’s easy for everyone to get to.”

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