Source: YouTube

Executive Producer for the Grammys, Ben Winston, was sharing the stressful behind-the-scenes drama that was going on with multiple VIPs stuck in traffic in the pouring rain! He shared the stories of the chaos on the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast. If you were watching the broadcast, you saw Meryl Streep and Taylor Swift walk in late as host Trevor Noah acknowledged many were running behind.

Mariah Carey was presenting the first award and 15 minutes before showtime, she was stuck on the interstate. They sent a GOLF CART to ride up the wrong way on the freeway shoulder and grab her, while trying not to get her too soaked to go on stage! How did NOBODY get that on video???? Still looking BTW…

They weren’t sure if SZA would make it to perform, or Christina Aguilera and Lizzo were all stuck in traffic!