Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline once slept on a makeshift bed of suitcases on his tour bus

ABC/Image Group LA

Luke Bryan may be a massively successful country star these days, but early on in his career, both he and his wife Caroline made plenty of sacrifices so that he could chase his dream.

Specifically, Caroline says in a new appearance on the Uncut with Jay Cutler podcast, she gave up the comforts of sleeping in a bed. During one early tour, the singer’s wife came up with a particularly creative sleeping situation — with the couple’s then-newborn baby, Bo, in tow.

“When Luke was starting out, you know, you’re on one bus. And Bo Bryan was six, seven weeks old,” Caroline remembers. “We would tour with Luke, because he wanted us there. We would sleep on suitcases in the back of the bus.”

At the time, she says, she put Luke in a bunk so that he could be rested for his shows.

“And me and Bo would make a pallet with suitcases. Seriously. And there’s where I slept with an infant. And I’d get up and I’d make bottles in the night,” she continues. “Looking back now, I’m like, ‘How the hell did I do that?’”

Much has changed since then for the country superstar family. Not only is Luke a massively successful country artist, but the couple also recently starred in a series of Jockey commercials. More recently, Luke’s gearing up for the next season of American Idol, where he’ll return as a judge.

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