Luke Bryan’s “comfortable in his own skin,” both onstage and in bed, thanks to self-confidence + a CPAP


As Luke Bryan heads into tonight’s opening show of his Las Vegas residency, he’s grateful to be at a place in his career where he’s truly comfortable and confident onstage.

“I think as you get more and more comfortable in who you are as an artist and all the true stresses of life — stress is the enemy of singing,” Luke reflects. “The more you stress, the more it affects everything.”

So Luke’s learned to relax and have fun when he’s onstage, something that will be on full display when he kicks off his show tonight at Resorts World Las Vegas. “I mean, I just get up there and sing and enjoy the crowd,” he adds.

Of course, that’s not all that goes into putting on a truly great show. Luke says he’s learned a lot about taking care of his voice over the years, including how to “look after myself, stay healthy, and what not to eat on the road.”

Luke’s also had to make adjustments at home to be comfortable and confident — and for the sake of his wife getting a full night’s rest.

“After you’re home for a year and a half and you’re in bed next to your wife and she is claiming that you might be snoring a little bit more than you’ve ever snored,” he continues slyly. “And she says if you don’t get a CPAP machine she’s going to move [you] out to the horse barn.”

Now that he’s got the machine, Luke says he’s not snoring as much — and his voice in better, too.

“I said it. I’m on a CPAP,” Luke confesses with a giggle. “And I’m encouraging all my country music buddies who have admitted to me that they snore — they know who they are — I’ve got a coupon for a CPAP.”

Luke’ Vegas residency continues throughout the month.

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