Luke Bryan pranks Little Big Town's Phillip Sweet

ABCPranksmas continues at Luke Bryan‘s house, this time the target being his friend and Little Big Townmember, Phillip Sweet

Luke and his wife Caroline hosted Phillip and his wife Rebecca, along with comedian Josh Wolf and his wife Bethany, at their house for dinner. Throughout the meal, Josh keeps excusing himself to use the restroom. “He didn’t sound good in there,” Luke reports after checking on him.  

Phillip and Rebecca believed it was the appetizer dish they brought containing horseradish that caused Josh to get sick. “I feel terrible. I’m sorry, we would have never put that out,” Phillip apologizes at the table. 

At another point during the gathering, Luke comes charging back into the kitchen asking for a plunger, with he and Phillip later resorting to carrying Josh out of the bathroom, Phillip profusely apologizing all the while.

Once they carry him into the foyer, the group bursts out in laughter, revealing that it was all an elaborate prank, with Josh showing them the mystery concoction he’d been pouring into the toilet for effect.

“I don’t get pranked at my house,” Phillip confesses.  

Pranksmas is an annual tradition in which Luke and Caroline prank each other, and their friends and loved ones, during the holiday season.

By Cillea Houghton
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