Luke Bryan makes “One Margarita” last two weeks, as he delivers 2020’s song of the summer

Ethan Helms“One Margarita” is not only Luke Bryan‘s twenty-fifth number one, this week, it ups the ante, becoming one of the few songs to extend its run for a second week at the top.

Even though Luke didn’t write the tune, once he heard it, he knew it was tailor-made for the hottest months of the year.

“’One Margarita’ is like the perfect summertime anthem party song,” he reflects. “Get on your boat, have a great time.”

“And the first time I heard it,” he continues, “I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s like the catchiest, most fun party song I’ve heard in a long time.’ So, we knew we had something special with the song.”

Luke also knew he had to shoot the music video at his annual fan getaway vacation in the Caribbean in January.

“We get it recorded, and I’m like, ‘Hey! We’ve got Crash My Playa. What better place to put a song called “One Margarita” out and then do the video?’” he recalls. “So, we go to Crash My Playa and we just start shooting it down there.”

“And the video just feels fun,” he adds. “It came together amazing, and it gives fans a little glimpse of what Crash My Playa is if they’ve never been. And hey, it makes you want to have a margarita!”

If you watch closely, you can catch a glimpse of Luke’s wife Caroline and his mother LeClaire — both showing off some of their best dance moves — in the video.

The seventh year of Crash My Playa was planned for 2021, though like practically everything else, that’ll likely depend on how the COVID-19 pandemic plays out.

“One Margarita” is the third number one from Luke’s Born Here Live Here Die Here album, which comes out August 7.

By Stephen Hubbard
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