Luke Bryan brings home his 24th #1 with “What She Wants Tonight”

Capitol NashvilleLuke Bryan locks in the twenty-fourth number one of his career so far this week, as “What She Wants Tonight” ascends to the top of the country chart. 

It’s a track the Georgia native co-wrote at his Nashville-area farm.

“‘What She Wants Tonight’ is a song that I wrote at my house with Jon NiteRoss Copperman and Hillary Lindsey,” Luke explains, “and I’ve been wanting to get together and write with all of them for some time now.”

“Ross came in,” he continues, “and he had the track and that drum loop in the front kind of dialed in, and the second I heard it, it was just really, really infectious. And then we were able to really just put a really great lyric with a high energy track.”

It didn’t take long for Luke to realize they’d hit on an idea his female fans would love.

“When we came up with the hook, ‘She gets what she wants, and I get to be what she wants tonight,’” he recalls, “I was just, it just felt like something that could be played on the radio and it felt like something like that’s what women want to hear.”

“They want to have a confident guy kind of singing to them in that way,” Luke adds, “and I hadn’t been this excited about a song in some time.”

“What She Wants Tonight” is one of the tracks from Luke’s new album, Born Here, Live Here, Die Here, which is set to arrive later this year. 

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