Lee Brice got approval for his experimental single “Soul” from an unlikely source

Paul A. Hebert

Lee Brice‘s latest single “Soul” finds him experimenting with a pop-leaning sound, and he admits he was a bit hesitant to release it.

“It’s funny, I was worried a little bit. I was like, ‘I don’t know if I’m going to put it out as a single because I don’t know if my country music listeners are going to dive into it,’” he explains of his mindset about the catchy tune that boasts steamy lyrics like “Your body’s got me weak/You’re Mozart in the sheets/You make a sinner out of me/Imma need a priest.” 

Despite his hesitancy, Lee took the leap of faith and released the single to country radio. It’s clear his instincts were correct, as he got approval from an unlikely source – his Uncle Al, who lives in a small rural town in South Carolina. 

“I get a call from my Uncle Al from New Zion, South Carolina, ‘hey Lee, it’s your Uncle Al.’ I’m like, ‘Well hey Uncle Al,’ [he] never call me for anything ever in his whole life. ‘Man, I heard ‘Soul’…I’m telling you right now…it’s going to be your bad, biggest number one bud,’” the singer recalls of his uncle’s positive reaction. “I’m like, well, if he’s into it, I think I’m OK with the country music listeners.’” 

“Soul” follows Lee’s latest #1 hit, “Memory I Don’t Mess With,” which topped the charts in 2021. 

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