“Lazy or genius?”: Kelsea Ballerini dishes out some humorous holiday advice

ABC/Fred Lee

Kelsea Ballerini is ready for all the holiday seasons — and she has some special hacks to prove it.

The country hitmaker turned to TikTok to share some of her foolproof tips to prepare for the upcoming holidays, including Halloween and Christmas. 

“Here are some perks from being an occasional lazy piece of s***,” she jokes, pointing to a shriveled, decayed pumpkin that’s been sitting on her porch since last year. “Still here,” she affirms. “So I don’t in fact have to get new pumpkins this year.” 

Kelsea then leads viewers upstairs to reveal a fully decorated Christmas tree standing in the corner, where it’s sat since 2020.

“Couldn’t be the Christmas tree from last year still up. But it is. And see, the thing here is it’s decorated, it has the lights on, it’s still ready to go,” she points out, turning on the lights to transform the tree from a dormant decoration into a sparkling holiday display. 

“You tell me, lazy or genius?” she declares at video’s end, with a laugh. 

While Kelsea gets into the holiday spirit, she’s also wrapping up an opening stint on the Jonas Brothers‘ Remember This Tour, which ends on October 27 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Her current single, “Half of My Hometown” featuring Kenny Chesney, is in the top 20 on country radio.

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