“Last Night Lonely”: Jon Pardi’s new drinking tune has a romantic twist

Capitol Records Nashville

A front-and-center fiddle line and a swagger-heavy danceable beat dominates Jon Pardi’s new single, “Last Night Lonely,” but there’s more romance in the honky tonk tune than first meets the eye.

In the chorus, Jon sings, “It’s gonna be the last night coming in here, drinkin’ all by yourself/The last time givin’ your heart away to someone else/Yeah, we could be some history in the making, girl/tonight might be your last night lonely.”

Jon’s new single arrives ahead of his as-yet-unannounced next album, which will be the follow-up to 2019’s Heartache Medication.

In an interview with Apple Music, the singer — who married his longtime love Summer in late 2020 — says he’s aiming to include more love songs on the project, but he tends to gravitate to party tunes or hard-drinking, tear-in-your-beer ballads.

“I’m trying to knock out a love song,” Jon says. “We got a great one, but it’s funny — me and [my wife] Summer, we’ll be like, ‘Yeah, let’s get some ‘drinking’ and ‘she’s leaving’ and we’re moving on’ songs.”

“I try to get a love song, but we love all the themes and emotions of songs,” he adds. “So we definitely got a lot of drinking songs.”

Jon’s most recent solo single “Tequila Little Time” was a top-five hit.

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