Lainey Wilson marvels at the healing power of music as “Things a Man Oughta Know” hits #1

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This week, Lainey Wilson‘s debut single, “Things a Man Oughta Know,” becomes her very first #1.

While there’s no doubt that’s an impressive accomplishment, the Louisiana native is even more astounded at the impact the song she wrote is having on listeners.

“The power and healing of music really is unbelievable,” Lainey reflects. “And the messages I get daily, like it just continues to blow my mind…”

“I’ve heard from mothers, from single mothers, from dads who are trying to teach their girls a few things a man oughta know,” she reveals. “I’ve heard from guys who gave up and got it wrong.”

“I’ve heard from this one lady,” Lainey adds, “who was about to get a divorce, and she sent the song to her husband, and he listened to it and kind of snapped out of it.”

“Things a Man Oughta Know” makes Lainey the first female solo artist to top the chart with her debut single since Gabby Barrett did in April 2020 with “I Hope.”

“I’m just so grateful that my song is given the opportunity to change lives,” Lainey says. “And it’s crazy how people can latch on to a song, and it can really just set them free in a crazy kind of way.”

“Things a Man Oughta Know” is from Lainey’s Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’ album. She’s currently out on the Back in the Saddle Tour with Jason Aldean.

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