Lady A's Dave Haywood was “wrecked” by lawsuit over name chang

Image Group LA/ABC via Getty Images

Lady A never imagined the backlash that would follow from changing their name, from Lady Antebellum to Lady A. The trio, who made the decision when they realized the negative connotations associated with the world “antebellum,” were soon after faced with a lawsuit by blues singer Anita White, who also goes by Lady A. 

“That wrecked me,” band member Dave Haywood told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “As someone who from day one wrote ‘I Run To You’ about being unified and leaning on each other and loving each other and running from hate, we never want to stand for anything that would be a barrier to our music.”

Dave admits they never considered any negative ramifications from changing their name to Lady A, until the lawsuit.

“Changing the name, the decision was easy once we had all of those conversations and facts in front of us,” he says. “And going by Lady A, which we’ve had trademarked for our entire career, was the decision.”

Lady A will wrap up their What a Song Can Do Tour on October 10.

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