Kip Moore celebrates his wild side and rough edges with ‘Southpaw’

MCA NashvilleKip Moore imagines a parallel life for himself as an outlaw in his new track, “Southpaw,” which is the next taste of his forthcoming album, Wild World. An anthem for outsiders, the song’s lyrics dream of breaking away from modern society in favor of a riskier, wilder life.

Appropriately enough, Kip got the idea for the song while on tour in South Dakota, American Songwriter reports.

“I think I’d kind of seen a few things on the news, seen a few things on social media, just really frustrated with the way I feel that society and humanity is moving in the wrong direction,” Kip recalls.  “I think I woke up that morning with a chip on my shoulder.”

“And I walked straight up to the stage at sound check and I just started blurting out that melody from the verse and chorus,” the singer goes on to say. “I had nuggets and fragments of lyrics and words. I just kept saying ‘southpaw’ over and over.”

Kip adds that he’s always felt a little out of place in modern-day life, though the title is more metaphorical than it is literal. The singer isn’t actually “wanted by the law and every woman,” as the song’s chorus says.

For the record, he’s not left-handed, either. 

Wild World is due out on May 29, and includes the lead single “She’s Mine,” which Kip dropped last year.

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