Kelsea Ballerini shares that she took diet pills, battled an eating disorder during high school


Kelsea Ballerini says these days, she mostly feels healthy and self-confident, and is able to brush off comments or criticism about her appearance.

But it’s been a journey to get here, the singer admits. In fact, in a revealing new interview with People, Kelsea shares that she experienced a bout with bulimia as a teenager, which was triggered in part by some upheaval she was facing in her home life.

“My parents had just gotten divorced, and I think for me, it was a source of control,” the singer reflects, explaining that she also took diet pills and worked out excessively during this time.

That time period of her life is one that Kelsea dives into in more detail in her new book of poetry, Feel Your Way Through. In addition to her complicated past with body image, she also explores themes of relationships, family dynamics and more in the collection.

As for her current relationship with self-love and body positivity? “It’s a journey, and it’s never-ending,” Kelsea says. However, for the most part, she feels like she’s in a “much healthier spot” after years of working to overcome her body confidence struggles.

Feel Your Way Through arrived on Tuesday.

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