Kane Brown says daughter Kingsley is “the perfect baby”


Kane Brown is reveling in the precious moments watching his 22-month-old daughter Kingsley grow. 

The country singer notes that while Kingsley is still learning how to talk, she’s able to find other ways to communicate. 

“She is amazing. I might just be biased because she’s my daughter, but I think she’s the perfect baby,” the proud dad gushes to People“She can’t even talk yet, but she’s just so smart in communicating. She wants to go outside, she’ll bring you her shoes and socks and say like, ‘Yo, put these on. We’re going outside.’ And she just can tell you yes or no, even without talking. She’s just my world.”

Kane says the young tot is so observant that she can even recognize his music and tell when her famous father is on the TV screen.

“Whenever I’m at the house and she’s watching me on TV, and she’s looking at me and then looking at the TV, she’s like, ‘How are you here, and how are you there?’” he explains.

Kingsley, who turns two in October, and Kane’s wife Katelyn will spend time on the road with him on his upcoming Blessed and Free Tour that kicks off October 1 in Sacramento.

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