Kane Brown brings the drama in his fiery, fiddle-filled new single, “One Mississippi”

Sony Music Nashville

After proving his talents for out-of-genre collaborations over the course of this year, Kane Brown delves squarely back into country radio hit territory with “One Mississippi,” a song that dials up the heat of an early-stages, liquor-fueled romance. 

“One Mississippi, two Mississippi / Three shots of whiskey, are you on your way? / Way tipsy, baby, come kiss me / I can’t wait, I can’t wait,” Kane sings in the chorus over a powerful electric fiddle line.

To round out his new radio release, Kane also dropped a music video that captures all the high drama of an on-again, off-again relationship. The clip follows a young couple through a night at a carnival, interspersed with shots of Kane and his band performing as well as a low-lit dive bar. 

On Instagram, the singer shouted out actor Ross Butler as one of the stars in his video. For his part, Ross posted about the music video on Instagram, underscoring how proud he is to be the romantic male lead in a country music video, especially as an Asian American man. 

Recently, Kane’s explored a number of duet releases with a variety of artists, including blackbear, Nelly and others. Of course, he’s keeping his seat warm at country radio, too: His duet with Chris Young, “Famous Friends,” hit the top of the country charts in July. 

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