Jon Pardi's “Head Over Boots” for “Tequila Little Time,” a tune he “shelled out” with in an hour

UMG Nashville

When Jon Pardi can’t think of anything else to do, he likes “Tequila Little Time.” And it helps if he has Thomas Rhett‘s dad, singer/songwriter Rhett Akins, around.

You see, Jon’s latest hit came to life on the final day of a writing getaway for his latest album, Heartache Medication

“It’s a fun song,” Jon says of “Tequila Little Time.” “I love how it’s just the sleek little title that Rhett Akins came up with.”

“He was laying on the couch,” Jon recalls. “It was the last day of our retreat and we… just couldn’t think of anything. I mean, it was like silent for maybe 20 minutes, and… just out of nowhere, he’s like ‘Tequila little time, man!’ And we wrote the song in an hour.”

Jon has a theory about songs like that — one that’s true of his first number one.

“Usually there’s something special about songs you can shell out in an hour,” he explains. “‘Head Over Boots’ was one we shelled out in an hour. And it just fell out of us.”

“It was just kind of like picking up somebody when they’re down, having a shot of tequila and dancing and having fun,” he says of the idea behind his new song.

“And right now, I feel like everybody wants to have a shot of tequila and have fun if they’re drinking,” he laughs.

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