Jimmie Allen shares some constructive criticism for the American education system


As a father of three, including seven-year-old son Aadyn, Jimmie Allen interacts with the American school system on a daily basis — and he’s got some thoughts.

The singer took to Twitter this week to share those thoughts, which range from light-hearted to serious. First, he wondered why school has to start so early every morning, saying that he thinks it would be easier on everyone if the school day ran from 9:30-4:30.

“Why does school start so early?” he wrote. “If they moved start time back to at least 9:30 I’m sure students, parents and teachers would be cool with it.”

Next, the singer offered a more serious point: The plight of underpaid educators. “Teachers need to get paid more. They are overworked and underpaid,” Jimmie tweeted.

“They are educating our children and future leaders. They have all these educational requirements they have to achieve,” he went on to point out. “Teachers go to college and some collect a lot of debt just to get out and be underpaid.”

Finally, Jimmie ended his constructive criticism with a final, more light-hearted thought: “I also do not understand the purpose of homework,” he wrote.

Jimmie’s interest in education and bettering the lives of children everywhere is well-documented. Last year, he was a CMA Foundation ambassador to promote music education everywhere. He also recently released My Voice Is a Trumpet, his first children’s book.

Jimmie also recently experienced a much scarier parenthood moment when his newborn daughter, Zara, was hospitalized after she contracted respiratory syncytial virus and stopped breathing. He shared the experience — as well as the sub-par care the says they received at one unnamed hospital — with fans, and subsequently provided the happy update that Zara was on the mend.

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