Jason Aldean tips his hat to Boyz II Men on “Got What I Got,” and gets his wife’s seal of approval

Broken BowThe first sound you hear at the start of Jason Aldean‘s new single, “Got What I Got,” is the crackle of a vinyl record. And if it invokes a feeling of nostalgia, the ACM Entertainer of the Decade says that’s all by design.

“When it first comes on, it kinda reminds me of, like, a nineties Boyz II Men record or something,” Jason says. “You know, I just thought it was cool.”

“And ‘You Make It Easy’ was kinda like that,” he adds. “It kinda had a little bit of a throwback feel on it too.”

That’s not the only thing Jason’s number one from May of 2018 has in common with his current hit. His wife Brittany happens to love them both. 

“That’s her favorite song on the album,” he says of “Got What I Got.” “So that’s always a thing.”

“It’s like on the last album, it was ‘You Make It Easy,’” Jason explains. “You know, that was the one she flipped out about. And obviously that was a good call.”

“So whenever she goes, ‘All the girls are gonna love that song,’” he continues, “I’m like, ‘All right. Well, that’s why I cut it. But I’m glad that it’s making the connection here.’”

Fifteen years into his career, Jason’s still working hard to keep things fresh.

“Nine albums in, you know, you’re just trying to go in and do some things that you feel like you haven’t done before…” he reflects. “We still get in there and I kind of turn everybody loose and see what they come up with and, you know, just play around with different things until we feel like we got it right.”

“Got What I Got” is the second single from Jason’s current album, 9.

By Stephen Hubbard
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