Jason Aldean helped his sister Kasi and brother-in-law Chuck Wicks “stay positive” on their road to pregnancy

ABC/Image Group LASinger-songwriter Chuck Wicks and his wife, Kasi, recently shared the good news that they’re expecting a baby boy. However, getting pregnant wasn’t easy for the couple: They struggled with Chuck’s infertility, ultimately conceiving through in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Through it all, the couple has found a massive source of support in Kasi’s brother, country superstar Jason Aldean, and his wife, Brittany.

“That’s been the best thing about this whole process,” Chuck explains to People. “A lot of people have to do this on their own and don’t have a support system, so we’re very blessed.”

Jason and Brittany had first-hand experience with IVF, having conceived both of their two children — two-year-old Memphis and 16-month-old Navy through the procedure. The country couple also struggled with infertility: In there case, it was due to Brittany’s endometriosis, a condition marked by abnormal tissue growth outside the uterus.

Bolstered by their own IVF success story, Jason and Brittany were able to provide some much-needed optimism during the ups and downs that Chuck and Kasi faced throughout their journey.

“Their attitude was so positive,” Kasi reflects. “They just helped us stay positive, as well.”

However, there’s one side effect of all that positive support and optimism: Kasi jokes that her brother knows far more than she ever anticipated about her husband’s, um, “boys” — y’know, as in, “My boys can swim!”

“One hundred percent,” she adds. “Our family knows way too many details about us!”

By Carena Liptak
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