Jameson Rodgers jokes he's happy to help out “the biggest artist in the format” with his latest #1

Jim Wright/Matthew Berinato

Jameson Rodgers is in quite a good mood this week, as he tops the chart with “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” featuring his pal Luke Combs

“It just means a lot that I can help Luke get off the ground as an artist,” Jameson jokes. “He’s struggling, especially financially. You know, it’s good to help his bank account out a little more.”

“No, I’m just kidding…” he clarifies. “This would not be the same without Luke on it. Obviously, he’s the biggest artist in the format.”

Not only are the two label mates, Luke’s taken Jameson out on tour multiple times — and even famously got him drunk onstage once as an end-of-tour prank. But even Jameson can’t believe how Luke’s career has grown.

“When I asked him to jump on this thing and when he sang on it, this was in 2018…” Jameson recalls. “He was a star then, but I mean, he wasn’t like [an] Entertainer-of-the-Year star yet, you know what I mean? So it’s just been cool seeing his rocket to the stars over the last three years.”

Jameson’s also a little in disbelief that this is his second consecutive #1, after “Some Girls” topped the chart in late October of last year.

“It’s just weird thinking that I have two number ones as an artist,” the Mississippi native admits. “I can remember a time not so long ago when it seemed like having ONE as an artist seemed like a million miles away.”

“And so the stars have been aligning for me over the last few years,” he reflects, “and [I’m] just super blessed. [I’m] trying not to mess it all up, you know?”

Jameson’s already celebrated another major milestone this fall, tying the knot with his wife Sarah in early September.

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