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08/16/2018 – According to new research, doing this could help you get to sleep faster and stay in a deep sleep longer…



08/15/2018 – Over 1/3 of men say they will not do this without asking their spouse first… Use a credit card

08/14/2018 – We have these for about 10 days before they are replaced… Taste buds

08/13/2018 – The average child will do this over 700 times before they turn 10… Write with crayons

08/10/2018 – Women do this half as much as men… Sweat

08/09/2018 – You can do this in under 1 second…  Recognize a sound

08/08/2018 – You’ll find at least one set of these in almost 90% of homes in America… Curtains

08/07/2018 – A recent survey shows that nearly 20% of married couples go a week without doing this… Kissing

08/06/2018 – What do only 5% of Americans say they don’t like?… Tacos

08/03/2018 – Over 30% of married people say their spouse is guilty of this… Stealing the covers at night

08/02/2018 – Men typically do this for only 17 years of their lives… Buy their own underwear

08/01/2018 – Two out of five Americans admit to doing this at one point in their lives… Wearing Mickey Mouse Ears



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